Mock Caucus, January Meeting & More

Correct Caucus Address for Winterset I and II

It came to our attention a few days ago that an incorrect caucus address/location was listed on the IDP website for the Winterset I and II precincts, and a couple of the campaigns may have also circulated the wrong information. It has now been corrected. If you are in Winterset I or II, the correct location is Winterset Middle School, located at 706 W. School St. (It was incorrectly stated in some places as Winterset Elementary School, 404 S. 2nd Ave.). Thank you to all those who noticed and reported the discrepancy!

Caucus Preparation

Anyone who has not yet completed the 2020 Caucus Training can do so at Again, the more people who do the training, the more organized and welcoming our caucuses will be. As party activists, please consider taking this training so that we can provide a positive experience for the many people who will attend on February 3.

Every precinct will need volunteers at the caucus. If you are willing to volunteer in any way (greeting, helping at the registration table, etc.) please let your precinct leader know. Precinct leaders and locations can be found here. Alternatively, you can let Pam Deichmann know you’re willing to help, and she’ll point you in the right direction:

Finally, check out the wealth of information about the Iowa Caucuses available at All caucus-goers are encouraged to pre-register at this site. When you do, please print your registration and be prepared to bring it with you on February 3rd. We’re in the home stretch now… it will be here before you know it!

Next Meeting of the Madison County Democrats
Thursday, January 23

Our January meeting of the Madison County Democrats Central Committee is scheduled for Thursday, January 23rd in the back room at the Sports Page Restaurant in Winterset. Prior to the meeting, please read through the minutes from December.

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