Madison County Democratic Convention

Democratic Platform

March 26, 2022, As amended

Statement of Issues

  1. We believe accessible, affordable healthcare is a human right.
    • We support additional access to mental healthcare services for all and specifically for adolescents (including incentives to encourage more people to become therapists and psychologists).
    • We support increased education to de-stigmatize mental health issues.
    • We support insurance coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.
    • We support access to affordable prescription medications.
    • We support increased access to medical marijuana.
    • We support women’s health care rights, and women’s access to all forms of healthcare.
    • We oppose privatization of Medicaid.
  2. We support the middle and working classes.
  3. We support employees’ rights to unionize and collective bargaining.
  4. We oppose right-to-work legislation.
  5. We support equal pay.
  6. We support fully funding public schools.
  7. We support regulated supervision of home-schooled students.
  8. We oppose school vouchers and refuse to allow the use of any tax dollars paid to the State of Iowa to support private education.
  9. We support the right of local school boards to practice local control when dealing with local issues such as mask mandates, vaccination mandates, and choice of curriculum.
  10. We believe that voting is a fundamental right to all American Citizens. We support ending unjust laws that strip citizens of the fundamental right to vote.
  11. We support the elimination of Columbus Day as a national holiday and designation of the general election day as a national holiday.
  12. We support elimination of the electoral college.
  13. We oppose election and voter fraud.
  14. We support the funding of natural resources, clean water, and the outdoor recreational trust.
  15. We support incentives and regulations to protect the environment and encourage the development of clean energy to reduce climate change.
  16. We support taxing goods ordered online in order to pay for increased demands on recycling facilities.
  17. We oppose building environmentally hazardous pipelines with the government money for private profit.
  18. We support the protection of Native American land and burial sites.
  19. We support protecting our national parks, monuments, and resources.
  20. We support victims of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault including funding programs and services put in place to help them. This includes support the removal of chain of command from the military’s decision-making process in matters of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.
  21. We support the prevention and prosecution of cyber crimes.
  22. We support overhauling our immigration system.
  23. We support creating new paths to citizenship.
  24. We oppose the detainment of immigrants.
  25. We support addressing the issues in the nations from which refugees are fleeing.
  26. We support any refugees fleeing from a humanitarian crisis towards a path of permanent residence after one year of humanitarian parole
  27. We oppose discriminatory regulations for travel, student and work visas.
  28. We oppose any discriminatory bans put in place, including the Muslim ban.
  29. We oppose sanctions or policies limiting healthcare, education, food, and other human services except in cases of war as voted on by the US Congress.
  30. We support housing as a human right.
  31. We support a return to the JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal).
  32. We support oversight, accountability, transparency, and the elimination of tax shelters for large corporations.
  33. We support regulating how third parties share and use our personal data.
  34. We support measures to reduce mass incarceration.
  35. We support an assault weapons ban.
  36. We support the enforcement of the national principal that no one is above the law.
  37. We support the passing and enforcement of responsible gun control legislation.