Madison County Democrats’ Platform

  1. We support the funding of natural resources, clean water, and the outdoor recreational trust.
  2. We support universal health care.
  3. We support employees’ rights to unionize.
  4. We support employees’ rights to collective bargaining.
  5. We support the elimination of Columbus Day as a national holiday and designation of the general election day as a national holiday.
  6. We support elimination of the electoral college.
  7. We support the prevention and prosecution of cyber crimes.
  8. We support policy and financial aid to the next generation of farmers including grants, loans, and educational programs.
  9. We support the middle and working class.
  10. We support the full funding of public schools.
  11. We support regulated supervision of home-schooled students.
  12. We support women’s health care rights.
  13. We support equal pay.
  14. We support victims of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.
  15. We support the legalization of medical cannabis.
  16. We oppose school vouchers.
  17. We oppose privatization of medicaid.
  18. We oppose sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.